Coastal Golf Circuit

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The Kenyan Coast is one of the countries most popular destinations, rich in Swahili history and culture combined with pristine white beaches and the blue azure of the Indian ocean teeming with marine life. The sandy beaches lined with native baobab and palm trees offer visitors the best of seaside relaxation. Along with all the usual seaside attractions such as snorkeling, fishing or just sun bathing the Kenyan coast is situated close to the Tsavo National Park and the Shimba Hills National Park where visitors can take a break from their beach holiday to view the fantastic and rich wildlife that call the parks home. Golfing at the coast is challenging and enjoyable with fast winds requiring players to up their game, with 3 brilliant Golf Courses spread down the coast, Golfers are spoilt for choice.

Coastal Golf Courses


1. Vipingo Golf Club
2. Nyali Golf Club
3. Leisure Lodge Golf Club

Vipingo Golf Club

Course information


Opened in 2009
Altitude: 125 metres
18-hole course, par 72
Tee distance: championship- 7315 yards, 6881 yards for men and 6483 yards for ladies

Designer:- David Jones


This is a beautiful course set in the Vipingo Ridge North Cost of Mombasa lying in the centre of a 2,500-acre former sisal estate. The property rises from just above sea level to a 140-metre high ridge before falling off again to the scenic lake and game conservation area to the west of the site.

Built to international standards with USGA specifications this course is in a class of its own in the Kenya golf fraternity. The greens at Vipingo Ridge are cultivated with fine Bermuda grasses to guarantee fast and true putting surfaces. The course has a fully automated irrigation system to ensure that the playing golf here is sheer pleasure throughout the year.

Nyali Golf Club

Course Information


18 hole course, par 71
Altitude: Sea Level
Tee Yardage: Mens 6,510 Yards, Womens 5,431 Yards

Designer: Monty Lowry

The Nyali Golf course is a challenging course due to strong coastal winds, it is the only 18-hole Golf Course in the North Coast. The course is lined with flowering trees, desert roses, oleander flowers and towering flame trees with vervet monkeys swinging branch to branch. Coastal winds keep the course cool and great weather that rarely dips below 20 degrees means its an ideal course for year-round golfing.

Leisure Lodge Golf Club

Course Information


18 hole course, par 72
Altitude: Sea Level
Tee Yardage: Men 6,385 Yards, Women 6,123 Yards

Designer: Thoma Fjastad


Leisure Lodge Golf Club is the only 18-hole course located in Kenya's South Coast, the South Coast is popular with tourists for its clean, pristine white beaches which are less crowded than the northern beaches allowing a more relaxed and calm beach holiday. The Golf Course is challenging with various water and sand obstacles. It is however lush with vegetation and trees including mango trees which make it an ideal nesting space for tropical birds, Syke's monkeys and beautiful Colobus monkeys